Candidates for the PASS Board of Directors

Election results are in - thanks to all our candidates and voters for a great election season!

Congratulations to our three new board members for the 2012/2013 term: Adam Jorgensen, Denise McInerney, and Rob Farley! And thanks to all the candidates for your dedication to PASS and your contributions to the SQL Server community.

You can learn more about all the candidates in this year's election here:

Adam Jorgensen

Rob Farley

Denise McInerney

Geoff Hiten

Kendal Van Dyke

Sri Sridharan




Qualifications and Applications

Application Comparison

Each candidate submitted an application to the Nominations Committee. This year, the candidate's original application form has been uploaded to their campaign page. Please download these files to learn more details about the candidates in their own words.

Basic Qualifications

The 2010 Election Review Committee and the 2011 NomCom have determined that to be eligible for service on the Board of Directors, a candidate must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Experience with PASS: Direct volunteer experience is a mandatory requirement. Experience can be in the form of service on a committee, service as a Regional Mentor or Chapter Leader, leading a SQLSaturday, or in another volunteer capacity. Speaking at a conference alone is not sufficient volunteer service to qualify as a volunteer.
  • Time and Travel Obligations: All candidates should be fully aware of and agree to the time and travel commitments required to serve on the PASS Board of Directors. Your employer should agree that you can meet these requirements.
  • Current Involvement with SQL Server: Each candidate must work with SQL Server to some degree to be considered eligible for the Board of Directors. Expertise is not required.
  • References: Each candidate should supply a minimum of three references who have reviewed their application and agree to publicly support the candidate. Additionally, the candidate must supply the names of at least three people with whom the candidate has served in a volunteer capacity. You may use the same three references for both sections, but you must have three who will review and support your application in public and three whom you have worked with as a PASS volunteer.



Elections News

Elections 1-2-3

3 seats are open for the 2011 Board elections. They are for 2-year terms. 

2 mid-term vacancies are coming up in January. These are NOT up for election. They can remain unfilled, but if they are filled, it will be by Board vote as per the bylaws.

1 vote can make a difference. Vote!

Who's in Charge?

The PASS Nomination Committee is responsible for overseeing the Board of Directors general election from start to finish.

The NomCom for 2011 is:

Wayne Snyder (Chair)
Thomas LaRock (PASS Board Representative)
Bradley Ball
Jack Corbett
Roy Ernest

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Michelle Nalliah of the PASS HQ Elections team.



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