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I believe that PASS is a business whose clients are the community members, and the product is the community they create, offer, and manage. PASS needs folks who are accustomed to managing rapid change. I’m one of those individuals and will add value in this critical time due to my unique background and experience. PASS has strategic alliances they are not leveraging well, and this will be critical to supporting the growth expected.

PASS is growing quickly, and being a volunteer run organization, this will be even more difficult to manage. I help lead a company that has gone from three to 80+ employees in 3 years, and I can tell you growth is fun and needs to be managed. PASS has great goals but needs to be carefully controlled both from a planning and a fiscal perspective. Clear goals need to be set and if not accomplished, then perhaps that goal needs to be set aside for something more feasible.

We need structures and tactical approaches in place to make sure PASS’s message is clear, our approach consistent, and our reach focused outside our normal scope of influence. That includes folks we desire to bring into the PASS community and international expansion for adding value to already exciting SQL global communities. I have seen the Board fail at describing the value proposition of PASS. This is indicative of a lack of consensus on tactical vision.

This means changing and putting more focus on setting clear goals, communicating them clearly, and reporting on progress. I want to set goals that will make PASS more relevant since many folks are not engaged because they don’t see the value. We can offer that value and improve the quality of the offerings we have now. It takes prioritization, focus, and execution.


I am an outgoing and experienced executive with strong technical capabilities. I am a regional mentor for PASS and a SQL Server MVP and have founded community sites while leading one of the fastest growing SQL Server-focused companies in the world. In my previous roles, I have held positions from DBA and developer to directing worldwide data operations for a major automotive manufacturer.
My focus is always on managing growth effectively. My significant financial experience and large organization and budget management background position me uniquely to be a key member of the PASS Board. I also have the education to back up the work with degrees in finance and technology as well as an MBA in finance.
I have a passion for the community and for making every organization I'm involved with more intelligent. PASS is at a crossroads, facing international expansion, a drive to increase domestic membership, the need to reach more people at their point of need, and figuring out how to manage and fund these operations. Unfortunately, most volunteer organizations struggle because of the experience level and turnover of their management and advisors. My background and experience will provide the much needed context and clarifications on some of these key issues as PASS looks to expand critical operations. Check out a few of my postings on some of the important things facing PASS on my blog at

Career Highlights

  • Managed large SQL Server environments and complicated development organizations
  • Strong financial leadership experience in a variety of organizations
  • Current non-profit experience through the Pragmatic Works Foundation
  • PASS Regional Mentor and Member of the Regional Mentor Committee
  • Co-chair of Virtual Chapter and have been key member of previous PASS Summit committees
  • Strong history of both PASS and non-PASS volunteering (Habitat for Humanity, Jim Moran Foundation, and others)
  • Excellent relationships across the SQL Server community and Microsoft SQL Server teams
  • Managing and contributing author on a variety of books on SQL Server and SharePoint
  • Deep technical and executive experience
  • Proven experience in periods of rapid organizational growth

Blogs & Links

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