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I’m Rob Farley – “that guy.” I’m the one who told jokes for 5 minutes in his 2010 Lightning Talk and then wrote a song for 2011, who did magic tricks and played his guitar. I’m also the guy who got asked to be an International Advisor to the PASS Board of Directors. Why? Because they know I care. They know I’m not afraid of having a voice when required. They know that I will stand up for what I believe in, and they know that my presence on the board will help PASS grow, both internationally and within the US. They know that I care about the SQL Server community and want to see it maximise its potential.

I run a company called LobsterPot Solutions. It’s called that so that you remember it and think of the last time you had lobster. I hope it tasted good. For over 6 years, I’ve run a PASS Chapter called the Adelaide SQL Server User Group. That name works too. No matter where I am, I try to help people make themselves better – in my church, my user group, my company, and my client base. I don’t push them, but I try to support them, and I’m on their side if I speak up about things. I am outspoken – it’s the way I am. But I care for people and genuinely want the best for them.


Internationalisation is the obvious one – I want to see PASS become better at reaching beyond the obvious target communities of the US and UK markets. I want to see the richness of the community that we see at the PASS Summit and at SQLBits spread around the world to places that are less well connected, and to see local community leaders better supported in their efforts. PASS must be about the local groups, and I want to see these groups thrive and develop, whether in the more populated parts of the US or in more remote areas.

I also want to see PASS be more collaborative with other organisations that are passionate about SQL Server. Several different community groups have sprung up recently, and I’d like to see PASS grow closer ties with some of these. We all have something to contribute to the SQL Server community, and I would like to see the opportunities to work together flourish more. I’d like to see the relationship with Microsoft develop even further as well – as it obviously has a passion for SQL Server.

I get 300 words for this section, and I’d like to challenge you, the reader, to something bigger as well. Yanni Robel is a Seattle-based DBA and regular around PASS circles, and she is a survivor. Rather than moping around and hoping for a miracle, she’s raising money and awareness. She’s already climbed Mt. Rainier and has now turned her attention to running marathons. She’s inspired many people in the SQL Server community to raise money for charity (and to get running), and you can donate to her through and follow her efforts at Cheer for her as she trains, and be inspired to bigger things in your own life.

Career Highlights

  • Starting my company
  • Hiring each of my staff members 
  • Making the decision to be the surgeon instead of the GP
  • The comment that said, "You make me want to go back and rewrite every query I've ever written."
  • Abandoning a course I was teaching to be present for the birth of my daughter 
  • Having a pool ball thrown at me for defending a colleague
  • Being given a vintage Arsenal shirt by someone I'd only met 1 day earlier, and developing a friendship with him since that will hopefully continue our whole lives 
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