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2011 Election Blogs

How Can I Have My Say?

A good dialogue is a great basis for the upcoming PASS general elections. You can currently voice your opinion in the following ways:

  • Visit the Board Election forums
  • Join the #passvotes discussion on Twitter
  • Contact PASS HQ - issues will be addressed or forwarded to the NomCom Chair

When the official slate is announced, the candidates will also be free to open their own discussions as part of their campaigns. Let's get the discussion started! 


Elections News

Elections 1-2-3

3 seats are open for the 2011 Board elections. They are for 2-year terms. 

2 mid-term vacancies are coming up in January. These are NOT up for election. They can remain unfilled, but if they are filled, it will be by Board vote as per the bylaws.

1 vote can make a difference. Vote!

Who's in Charge?

The PASS Nomination Committee is responsible for overseeing the Board of Directors general election from start to finish.

The NomCom for 2011 is:

Wayne Snyder (Chair)
Thomas LaRock (PASS Board Representative)
Bradley Ball
Jack Corbett
Roy Ernest

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Michelle Nalliah of the PASS HQ Elections team.



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