Nomination Committee Meetings

November 16

The final meeting of the NomCom revolved around a final debate of the slate they were to put forward for the Board of Directors. A final thoughtful consideration of each candidate occured. The proposed slate was finalized. Wayne took the slate to the Board of Directors for final ratification on November 28th.

November 2 - 16 Interviews

Adam Jorgensen - November 2
Rob Farley - November 3
Denise McInerney - November 4
Geoff Hiten - November 7
Kendal Van Dyke - November 8
Sri Sridharan - November 15 

October 26 - Final Rankings of Applications

The NomCom discussed and finalized the ranking of the written applications. No candidates were disqualified based on their written application alone. Interviews will be scheduled and held in live meeting to accomodate recordings. All members of the NomCom will attempt to be on the interviews with a minimum of three being needed for each call to proceed. Applicants will be scheduled by PASS HQ.

Sept 29 - Application Finalizing & Rankings

The application form for the Board election was finalized in light of Board direction.

Sept 16 - Application Finalizing & Rankings

The meeting focused on the weighting of attributes to be evaluated during the candidate ranking process. Wayne listed the attributes perviously looked at by the NomCom. The importance of each attribute was discussed and clarified. Previously, the Board and NomCom had been asked to weigh the attributes. The high and low scores will be removed, and no one attribute will weigh more than 30% to find a usable weighting system. It was decided that "Fit" would no longer be a criteria.

Wayne will go to the Board for clarification of the Bylaws in relation to the NomCom vetting process.

Aug 30 - First Meeting of the NomCom

In the first meeting of the newly formed NomCom, the top priority was to work on the Board of Directors application and questions prior to the 10/2 deadline. Suggestions were made to include detailed information on why an application would be disqualified, include informaiton suggesting a candidate's employer understand and agree to the time/travel commitments, and add space for candidates to include their published books and professional writings and a place to list both speaker and volunteer experiences, since both may be rated.

The elections process was discussed, including recommendations from the ERC. There was a discussion about the requirement of more than speaking experience. A candidate must have PASS volunteer experience beyond speaking for serveral reason:

  • Past volunteer experience is training for future increased responsibilities
  • Past volunteer experience indicates your commitment to the organization
  • Past volunteer experience allows the community to get insightful information about the applicant's performance and ability to motivate, complete tasks on time, and work well with other volunteers



Elections News

Elections 1-2-3

3 seats are open for the 2011 Board elections. They are for 2-year terms. 

2 mid-term vacancies are coming up in January. These are NOT up for election. They can remain unfilled, but if they are filled, it will be by Board vote as per the bylaws.

1 vote can make a difference. Vote!

Who's in Charge?

The PASS Nomination Committee is responsible for overseeing the Board of Directors general election from start to finish.

The NomCom for 2011 is:

Wayne Snyder (Chair)
Thomas LaRock (PASS Board Representative)
Bradley Ball
Jack Corbett
Roy Ernest

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Michelle Nalliah of the PASS HQ Elections team.



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