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2011 Elections Timeline

Nom Com Elections
August 10 Applications open
August 19 Applications close
August 22 Applicants notified
August 24 Campaiging and voting begin; forums open
September 9 Voting closes
September 14 Candidates notified and sent information package on Board elections
September 16 Initial meeting of NomCom
September 24 Approval of completed Board election questions
September 29 NomCom review of Board election application form
Board of Directors Election
October 1 Announce Board election; forums open
October 5 Board applications open; NomCom given interview block options
October 19 Board applications close
October 20 NomCom meeting; final interview blocks determined
October 26 Candidate rankings due to PASS HQ
November 1 Candidate interviews scheduled
November 2 Candidate interviews begin
November 16 Candidate interviews end; NomCom finalizes slate
November 18 Candidates notified of ranking
November 22 Candidates' opt-out deadline
December 2 Campaign materials due to PASS HQ
December 6 Campaigning and voting opens
December 20 Campaigning and voting closes (12pm Pacific Time)
December 27 Candidates notified of election results
December 28 Election results announced
The Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) is an independent, not-for-profit association, dedicated to supporting, educating, and promoting the Microsoft SQL Server community. From local user groups and special interest groups (SIGs) to webcasts and the annual PASS Community Summit � the largest gathering of SQL Server professionals in the world � PASS enables knowledge sharing, in-depth learning, access to the Microsoft SQL Server team, and the ability to influence the direction of SQL Server technologies. PASS was founded in 1999 by Microsoft and CA and continues to enjoy executive level endorsement from both organizations. As the number one user community for Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft looks to the PASS community for valued feedback, input, and inspiration. PASS Mission Empower the global Microsoft SQL Server community to connect, share, learn and be inspired through networking, knowledge sharing, peer-based learning, and the ability to influence the direction of Microsoft SQL Server products and services.


Elections News

Elections 1-2-3

3 seats are open for the 2011 Board elections. They are for 2-year terms. 

2 mid-term vacancies are coming up in January. These are NOT up for election. They can remain unfilled, but if they are filled, it will be by Board vote as per the bylaws.

1 vote can make a difference. Vote!

Who's in Charge?

The PASS Nomination Committee is responsible for overseeing the Board of Directors general election from start to finish.

The NomCom for 2011 is:

Wayne Snyder (Chair)
Thomas LaRock (PASS Board Representative)
Bradley Ball
Jack Corbett
Roy Ernest

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Michelle Nalliah of the PASS HQ Elections team.